What is solar power station? Jan 25, 2022
What is solar power station?

The sun is a huge and endless clean energy center. The wind energy, water energy, ocean thermal energy, wave energy and biomass energy and part of the tidal energy on the earth all come from the sun.
As a safe and environmentally friendly new energy source, solar energy has been paid more and more attention.
It can be said that it is an ideal of human energy strategy to develop and utilize solar energy and make it an important alternative energy source in the energy system.
Humans have a long history of using solar energy. In modern times, the use of solar energy has become increasingly widespread.

Solar power station is a power station mainly based on solar power generation system, which uses solar cell modules to convert solar energy into electric energy.
The solar power generation system mainly includes solar cell components, controllers, batteries, inverters, loads, etc. 
Solar power stations can be divided into off-grid solar power stations and on-grid solar power stations according to the operation mode.

solar power station that is not connected to the public grid and supplies power independently is called an off-grid solar power station.
It is mainly used in areas without electricity and some special places far from the public power grid, such as remote rural areas, pastoral areas,
islands, plateaus, deserts, communication base stations, coastal and inland water navigation marks, meteorological power stations, highways and border guard posts, etc.
There are some scenes to be used:
1. Camping

2. Residential

3. RV

solar power station that is connected to the public grid and shares the power supply task is called an on-grid solar power station.
It is an important development direction for solar power generation to enter the stage of large-scale commercial power generation and become an integral part of the power industry.
And it is the mainstream trend of the development of solar power generation technology in the world today.

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