What is a pv combiner box? May 29, 2024

What is a photovoltaic combiner box?

The combiner box is a wiring device that ensures the orderly connection and convergence of photovoltaic modules in a photovoltaic power generation system.

A photovoltaic combiner box is a distribution box that houses a DC circuit breaker. Its main purpose is to combine and parallel multiple photovoltaic arrays in the system into a single DC output, and then use it through the controller or DC distribution cabinet, photovoltaic inverter, AC distribution cabinet, etc. to form a complete photovoltaic system. The power generation system is connected to the mains grid.

Photovoltaic combiner boxes can reduce the number of connecting lines between photovoltaic modules and inverters, reduce the scope of power outages due to faults in the photovoltaic system, improve the reliability of the photovoltaic system, and facilitate maintenance.

Photovoltaic combiner boxes are suitable for medium and large photovoltaic power stations, distributed photovoltaic power stations and other systems.

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